Dr. Tim Tooten Sr. has shared Maryland’s stories as a journalist for WBAL-TV 11 News since 1988. He is Baltimore’s only full-time education reporter. He began his broadcasting career in 1976 as a high school disc jockey in his native Live Oak, Fla. From there, he gained reporting experience in Washington, D.C., and West Virginia. Among the highlights of his reporting assignments an Emmy award-winning half-hour documentary shot in Liberia, West Africa, called “Africa’s Maryland.”

In 2006, Pastor Tooten made a prayerful transition to start his evangelistic ministry. In the midst of his obedience, God led him to organize Harvest Christian Ministries where he serves as the pastor and founder of Harvest Christian Ministries in Baltimore, a non-denominational church. As God would lead, Dr. Tooten became a member of the historic Sharon Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Alfred C.D. Vaughn where he was also ordained into the gospel ministry. Pastor Tooten committed himself to learn more about the word of God. In 2007, he received his Master of Theology degree from Saint Mary’s Ecumenical Institute and three years later his Doctor of Ministry degree from Virginia University of Lynchburg. 

Tim Tooten holds a Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min.) from Virginia Seminary in Lynchburg. He also received his Master of Arts degree from St. Mary’s Seminary and University Ecumenical Institute of Theology in Baltimore, the country’s oldest Catholic seminary. Tim graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications.

Tim Tooten is the author of Leading by Example: A Parental Guide to Teaching and Modeling Christian Faith at Home, a nonfiction Christian parenting guide that equips Christian parents and educators to model their faith to their children. He also writes and records daily devotionals titled, Seeds of Encouragement.

He remains active in his community, employed as an affiliate broadcasting professor at Loyola University Maryland, and as a member of the board for the Maryland Bible Society.