This books you can’t just put down. While reading your thoughts pull you into where your life has lead you at this point. While giving you the skills that GOD has planted in you be fore you were born, so that you can nurture your children grand children and any child that you come in contact with. This book has been a true blessing to me. Thank you Pastor Tim Tooten for such a nurturing book with all the lessons and guides.

This book has been a true blessing to me

Tim Tooten isn’t merely an author. He’s a man of great faith and principles. He walks his talk. This book is a powerful tool for helping parents–and anyone, really–who wants to make the connection between principles and practice, between faith and action. Tim didn’t merely sit down to right a book. He lived a life. The book is a wonderful way to hand the next generation insights and practice steps to make their own journey of faith through life.

This book is a powerful tool for helping parents

This is a very insightful book to help parents explain their faith in a very practical way. It provides great examples and activities for parents to use when discussing faith with their children. It has lesson plans available to help give a step by step approach to teaching faith. It gives parents a great tool on how to engage their child in the discussion of faith. This is an awesome book for parents to get the discussion going about how to incorporate faith in their daily walk. Awesome book!!

Insightful book to help parents

This is a wonderful gift or purchase for any family with children aged 3-12 who want a Bible-based practical guide to instill Christian values in all family members. Dr. Tooten’s book offers a well researched and documented explanation of the importance of parents’ responsibility to give their children a strong Christian upbringing, with or without the support of an organized religious organization. This is a practical and fun guide providing training and opportunities for reflection for parents, and lesson plans to use with their children. The book includes compelling testimonials from parents and children attesting to how the program helped them develop strong values and morals for successful, meaningful lives. An important contribution to parenting literature, and a valuable illustration of the importance of leading by example. 


Leading by Example” is a must read for any parent with young children! From the onset of this book, Tim explains the importance of his father’s voice in his life. His father’s voice guided and encouraged him as a young child, to be the man that he is today. Every single parent has a voice that plays a critical role in the development of their child. Through this excellent book, Tim encourages and empowers us on how to use it. This book will inspire you. 

Must Read!